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Since 1889 has been completed, the Museum of Natural History in Paris among the Grand Gallery of Evolution "evolutionary history of life" branch is important evidence of Darwinian evolution, which displays a lot on paleontology fossils, some of which are hanging down from the ceiling skeleton, this fun and simple with a natural taste displays, Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton has recently been a source of inspiration for designers, the latest Louis Vuitton flagship store in France, they staged a wonderful "from the skeleton frame to the red carpet "scene! New window to showcase the brand's 2013-2014 autumn and winter series, the new design of Speedy and tailor-made for the big-time director Sofia Coppola handbag of the same name has also been linked to gold dinosaur skeleton on top.

Following the 2013 spring and summer fashion show later, Louis Vuitton's two classic elements: Monogram and Damier checkerboard stamp printed in the leather in both vivid three-dimensional display, and also to add a new femininity. Monogram stamps have been used in the Deauville handbag. Speedy series canvas 3-tier sequined, colorful leather with black, burgundy and blue decorative details. And brand gene strain, not too exaggerated design, this series also won an elegant and practical.

High-end French fashion house Louis Vuitton in 2013 by the fall and winter and Dinos Chapman brothers Jake Chapman co-founded the artistic work units Chapman Brothers launched a series of joint cooperation. These include several handbags and scarves single product, designed according to the Louis Vuitton menswear designer Kim Jones as an inspiration for the journey from Bhutan hair like, combining Chapman Brothers exquisite embroidery, depicting exotic mystery story, but also very eye-catching. The series of joint Accessories Total red and blue two color options, is expected to begin landing in the world's major recent Louis Vuitton shop.